The Disastrous tale of vera & linus

Love + Slaughter & The Moon

The Moon & Love + Slaughter
SATURDAY September 11

The Moon
SATURDAY September 20
Washington Square
Brooklyn Bridge
Battery Park

Union Square
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There is a man and a woman who live a devious life, which is, of course, always beautiful, as such things are. They live in the forest of a dream, untethered from time, passionately yet dangerously entwined.

A ripple has begun to make its way through this metropolis. Something a little different. Something that doesn't feel quite right. Who are these two that can cause such a stir amongst the backdrop of millions?
Ball & Bjornsdottir's The Disastrous Tale of Vera and Linus is a surprising, playful and haunting collection of stories and schemes. For seven weeks this summer, Vera & Linus will take audiences through their tale in three merging episodes: Plucking the Strings, Love & Slaughter, and The Moon. New stories are added to each performance as the work transforms into the next episode. Shows are designed for outdoor PUBLIC SPACES.  Tickets provide schedule, maps and context.

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  • Dress for the weather. Show will take place rain or shine.
  • Be discreet and try to blend in, so as not to reveal yourself as a spectator.
  • You are free to explore and experience the show anyway you wish.
  • Shows are about 60 minutes long and are designed on the clock for each site.
  • ​No refund or exchanges.
Requirements: For the "Intimate Track", you must have access to a cellular phone with the ability to receive text messages. For the "Panoramic Track", you will receive a map via email with all necessary times and locations.

WAIVER AND RELEASE: By purchasing tickets for the "Disastrous Tale of Vera & Linus" ("Event") offered by Kipuka Theater, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, you agree to assume all risks, known and unknown, foreseeable and unforeseeable, in any way connected with your participation in this Event. You accept personal responsibility for any liability, injury, loss, or damage in any way connected with your participation in the Event.

*Shows change location every week and are at dusk.  Exact show start time and location will be delivered to you by email.
 Tickets go on sale  for "Love & Slaughter"  & "The Moon" August 9